What We Want to See at Races Post-COVID

In-person racing is making a comeback and we couldn’t be happier!

We recently surveyed our Instagram followers to find out what steps they want races to take to make them feel safe to return to in-person racing in the COVID era.

Here are the results…

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A mask while you’re grabbing your race packet, heading to the bathroom, or getting your post-race food? Only 38% think this is a necessary tactic.

It seems unlikely that a race would require masks DURING a race, and the popular opinion agrees with that. However, any runner who would feel safe doing so always has that option!

Big races already do staggered starts, i.e. waves. It’s nice to see the smaller races implementing this, as well. This reduces crowd size at the starting line and throughout the race course.

Setting a cap for the number of registrants is a measure that is approved by 52% of respondents.

Race registrations can be expensive. Also, training for a race that may or may not happen can be frustrating. Knowing that there’s a virtual option should things go awry is comforting…but only for 33% of our followers!

58% of those surveyed want water stops back in action!

Let’s end with the most controversial of the bunch…vaccination requirements! The answers were split pretty evenly on this one.

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