Gifts for Runners

**This post contains affiliate links.**

Welcome to the third installment of the RunBetter App’s Holiday Gift Guide.

Today’s post features gifts for any runner…new, old, slow, or fast!

Happy shopping!

  1. Run 365 Daily Calendar. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations, make sure the daily calendar you buy is from the Gone for a Run store on Amazon.
  2. SHOKZ OpenRun Pro Sport Headphones. These sweat-resistant headphones stay put and use bone conduction technology to provide a quality listening experience while also allowing you to be aware of your environment.
  3. Race Bib Display Frame. Perfect for decorating your walls with the races you’ve run!
  4. KINeSYS Spray Sunscreen. Made by a small family business in Canada, KINeSYS is fragrance-free, lightweight, easy to apply sunscreen that is sweatproof and waterproof for 80 minutes.
  5. Air Compression Massager. If you want to really impress someone with a gift, go for the big guns with this foot and leg massager.
  6. Idson Muscle Roller Stick. Soothing relief for muscle soreness, tightness, and cramping.

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