Gifts for Injured Runners

**This post contains affiliate links.**

Welcome to the fourth installment of the RunBetter App’s Holiday Gift Guide.

Today’s post features gifts for the most unfortunate type of runner– the injured runner.

We think these gift ideas for injured runners may be just the thing to perk them up!

Happy shopping!

  1. Cryo Ball. Roll this cold roller ball anywhere you have pain to reduce swelling and inflammation.
  2. RockTape RockPods 2-Piece Cupping Set. Co-founder of the RunBetter App Nicole Mann swears by these, which allow you to easily practice cupping on yourself at home. To read more about the benefits of cupping for runners, click here.
  3. Recovery Slides. These comfy slides have raised triggers that massage the pressure points on your feet.
  4. Rishi Turmeric Ginger Herbal Tea. This caffeine-free, loose-leaf tea features the king of anti-inflammatory properties…turmeric.
  5. Rebound: Train Your Mind to Bounce Back Stronger from Sports Injuries. Cindy Kuzma and Carrie Jackson Cheadle share over 45 strategies, skills, and drills for runners to utilize at every stage of the recovery process.
  6. Candle. Make light (literally!) of the situation with this funny “At least you don’t have to wear a cone” candle.

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