We Heart the New York City Marathon

Running the New York City Marathon is an experience like no other.

“Hearing ‘New York, New York’ blaring from the speakers as you start the race is something I’ll never forget,” says RunBetter App social media manager Lindsay Podolak.

“It was such an emotional moment. Here you are, ready to start your race after months of training and hours of waiting in the cold, dark morning. What better way to pump up the thousands of runners than hearing ‘New York, New York’ as you head out to run 26.2 miles through the five boroughs?”

Then there’s the crowds. Being a spectator for the NYC Marathon is an event in itself. Family, friends, and even people who just want to watch the race line the streets to cheer.

There’s signs. There’s high fives. There’s even people offering food.

“Maybe it’s not smart, but I definitely grabbed a Twizzler from a spectator when I ran the race in 2018,” said Podolak. “I’ve even seen people offering runners a cup of beer!”

Podolak ran the NYC Marathon two times– once in 2018 and once in 2008. Both times she got into the race with a charity spot and pledged to raise $5,000 for the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

It’s notoriously difficult to get a bib for New York, so signing up to run for a charity is an excellent way to guarantee yourself an entry. Plus, you’re raising money for a good cause, so…win-win!

The course itself is not without its challenges. You might expect a city course to be flat, but NYC is not. You’ll encounter several hills when you traverse the bridges, plus some more in Central Park before the finish line.

Preparing for the course is key to running a successful New York City Marathon. The RunBetter App lets you train the course right from the treadmill, so you’ll know what’s coming on race day.

Other pro tips:

-Bring warm clothing for the hours spent waiting for the race to start.

-Don’t go out too hard at the start; the last 10 miles of the race are harder than the first 16.

-Enjoy the experience– it’s truly once in a lifetime!

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