How to Choose Your Next Race

Maybe you’re new to running and you’ve never done a race before.

Maybe you’re not new to running, but haven’t put much thought into other races you’ve done, either because someone else chose it or you just sign up for whatever local races come your way.

Either way, there are several important factors you should consider when you choose your next race.

  • Location. Are you willing to travel for a race? Stay overnight or drive two hours early in the morning on race day?
  • Weather. What will the weather be like on race day? Are you cool with a winter race where you may be freezing? Does a hot summer race make you sweat?
  • Entry fee. Is the price reasonable for what you’re getting?
  • Swag. What swag will you get at the race?
  • Distance. Are you over 5Ks? Maybe you only want to sign up for longer races, like 10Ks and half-marathons.
  • Size. How big is the entry field? Do you prefer big, crowded races or small ones?

It’s up to you where each of these factors ranks in your own considerations. I hate running in the cold, so I’m reluctant to sign up for winter races…so weather is important to me. Size of a race? Not so much.

The beauty of running is there are so many different races to choose from.

One great resource for finding a race is Running in the USA. You can search by date, location, or distance.

Whatever your next race is, enjoy it and stay safe!

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