7 Benefits of Using a Treadmill

Running on a treadmill may not always be ideal…but it does have its advantages!

1. It’s convenient. Stuck at home with kids napping? Hop on the treadmill!

2. It is perfect for traveling in an area without easily accessible running routes– most hotels have a treadmill in the gym.

3. Treadmill workouts aren’t dependent on weather!

4. Treadmills force you to keep a steady pace.

5. If you’re training for a race, a treadmill can mimic the exact elevation of the course…with the help of the RunBetter App, of course!

6. A treadmill with a good shock absorption system can be easier on your joints than pounding the pavement.

7. You don’t have to wait for daylight to head out on your run– especially helpful during the dark winter months.

1 thought on “7 Benefits of Using a Treadmill”

  1. Best way to train for a race, especially a hilly one, when you don’t live near hills and can’t get to the course itself. Great for a runner’s toolbox. There’s nothing out there like this, and it can be used on any treadmill.

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