Should You Run The Course Before Race Day?

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So you’ve signed up for a race and you want to do everything you can to be prepared.

You follow your training plan. You buy the right gear. You eat right.

But is there anything else you can be doing to make sure you have your best race day?


Especially for longer courses, like half-marathons and above, running the course before race day can be invaluable.

You become familiar with the course’s elevation, so you know that at mile 18 there will be a big hill.

…and the fact that there’s a second hill at mile 20 isn’t a big surprise!

It’s reassuring mentally to know what’s coming– and that’s where the RunBetter App comes in.

Of course, if you live near the race course, you may have the ability to run it during your training. Or, you could even drive the course if you want– whatever will make you feel familiar with the route.

There’s nothing worse than feeling unsure of what’s coming up during your race. It ends up being one more thing for you to worry about (and we all know we have enough to worry about on race day!).

So what do you do if you don’t live near the race course and it’s not possible to physically check it out before race day?

Enter the RunBetter App.

The RunBetter App has over 40 race courses that you can run virtually from any treadmill. You just choose the course and the app tells you when to adjust the incline according to where you are in the course.

It is a lifesaver for busy athletes who want to be 100% prepared for their race. Plus, it’s convenient. Use it on any treadmill, anywhere in the world.

Traveling? Head to the hotel gym to train for Paris.

Bad weather outside? Use the treadmill to run Boston.

RunBetter App co-founder Nicole Mann knows this struggle all too well…

When Nicole ran the Miami Half Marathon several years ago, she went into the race thinking, “Miami is flat, I’ll be fine.”

She was wrong.

“Smack in the middle of the race we had to run over this huge overpass, then down, then back over it again, then down it again. Needless to say, training in Chicago there are no hills to speak of. I was so unprepared. And I was so incredibly disappointed in my time. I thought, there’s got to be a way.”

That’s where the idea for the RunBetter App was born. Try it for yourself!

Click here to see all the courses we have on the app.

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