How to Stay Motivated in 2024

One week has gone by so far in 2024. Maybe you made a New Year’s Resolution this year, or maybe you didn’t.

Either way, it’s normal to struggle with keeping your motivation levels high as the weeks pass.

Still, having goals in running is SO important. Knowing that each day you’re working towards a goal keeps you focused.

Here are five tips to help you stay motivated in 2024:

  1. Write it down. Put your goal on paper and hang it somewhere (or several somewheres) you can see it each day. Also, don’t phrase it in an “I want to run a marathon” type of way; say it with confidence. “I WILL run a marathon in 2024.”
  2. Find a motivation buddy. Your motivation buddy doesn’t have to share the same goal, but should have some type of goal she is working towards. Commit to checking in daily to hold each other accountable and offer support.
  3. Give yourself small rewards. Is there something small you can treat yourself to after each week or month sticking to your plan? Do so!
  4. Allow some wiggle room. Life happens. Give yourself grace if a day doesn’t go exactly as planned. Your goal can still be achieved if you skip a day (or a week) of your plan.
  5. Meditate. This one may sound strange, but hear us out. Setting aside a few minutes each day to breathe deeply while imagining yourself achieving your goal tells your brain “This goal IS happening.”

What tips do YOU have for staying motivated? Leave a comment and let us know.

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